Customer Acquisition

Every business wants to get new customers through the door, and at a price that makes sense. Our  expertise in mobile customer acquisition means we can help virtually any business acquire new customers in a cost effective way. Some examples of customer acquisition campaigns include:

  •  Advertise to potential customers via in-app and mobile Web site ads, and use hyper-local targeting to make sure you’re only seen by users who are close to your locations.

  • Create keyword campaigns that your users can participate in via SMS or via a simple online form. These campaigns drive immediate sales and help you build your mobile database for customer retention campaigns.

  •  Create mobile coupons which customers can request through a mobile application.

  • Get added value from your traditional media spends, such as TV, radio, print and out of home. Adding a mobile call to action, such as a keyword text-in prompt, allows users to interact with your brand far beyond the few seconds they would normally spend viewing an ad, and builds your mobile customer database as well.

  •  Add a mobile call to action to any customer touch points, including in-store signage, phone welcome messages, emails, and other communications.

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These are some of the most successful customer acquisition strategies for mobile, and we’ve got plenty more where those came from. Contact us today to learn how we can help you acquire new customers at the right price